Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Teluk Belanga : Part 1

It is best experience when you make something for school as your actual project. It is simple and gaining more experience. This is the latest project by me that I used for my final project. For the time being, I only managed to get few pictures posted here. I will try to upload some more some other time. Since the title is Teluk Belanga, let me introduce a little about it.

Teluk Belanga is one of Malay traditional wear especially in Johore. Originated by Almarhum Sultan Abu Bakar when he was placed at Teluk Belanga (one of the Pulau in Singapore). He wore these kind of shirt in his daily life. For the trendsetter, it became popular day by day and had been spread all over Malaysia.

I guess, this is few of the story. Please enjoy the show okay.


  1. pergh...model2 die tak leh bla...lol...tapi nice shot wafi....light exposure mmg cun

  2. haha..aku ngat model mane la tdi..by the congratz on your creative idea and good graphic design..